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Fairycamp firstlook
There it is, Tink. Fairy Camp!

Fairy Camps are temporary workplaces that Never Fairies works in. There are many campsites located on the Mainland and they can be found worldwide, although in secrecy and well concealed from human "clumsy" beings. Many fairies live there temporarily, but after the camping season is over the sites are abandoned and they return to their native kingdom of Pixie Hollow. The dust-keepers fairies such as Terence also supplies Pixie Dust throughout Fairy Camps on the Mainland. They first debuted in the third movie.[1]

Furthermore, most humans are unaware of Fairy Camps worldwide, a behaviour many fairies encourage to ensure their anonymity to the human world and perform their magical talents quietly in private while temporarily there.

Wow! It's like all of Pixie Hollow under one tree!
Tinker Bell during her first trip to a Fairy Camp[src]