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Fairies are magical creatures that are born from a baby's first laugh. Most laughs go out in the world and become Mainland fairies, but some travel to Never Land and become Never fairies.

Never Fairies[]

The average female Never fairy stands at five inches tall (12.7 cm) and glows lemon-yellow. Never fairies each have a talent and use fairy dust to fly long distances. For more in-depth information, see the main article.

Great Wanded Fairies[]

A type of Mainland fairy, Great Wanded Fairies are extremely tall, even by human standards. They each carry a magic wand that will grant the wish of its holder. Their wands can be disobedient depending on the size of its heart or holder. The wands can be put asleep but they can not reverse wishes in a sleep state.[1]

Known Great Wanded Fairies[]

Lesser Wanded Fairies[]

A type of Mainland fairy. Their wands have small hearts and mean minds according to the Great Wandies.[1]

Shimmering Fairy[]

A type of Mainland fairy.

Spell-Casting Fairy[]

A type of Mainland fairy.

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