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The Ever Tree bearing its fruit

Ever trees are a type of plant native to Never Land. They are not true trees, but a large flowering plant. [1] They have yellowish leaves colored in warts, and their sticky, sappy blossoms put off a smell that is like a combination of rotten tomatoes and sour milk, which attracts deadly wasps. Their flowers also release pink pollen that create allergic symptoms similar to a cold in Never fairies.

After the Ever tree blooms once and only once, it produces delicious, edible fruit about the size of a lemon ever after. If one of the fruits are plucked, a new one will grow back immediately.

According to Iris, Ever trees are fragile and need a lot of care.


The tree attracting wasps

Ever trees had entirely disappeared from Never Land after the eruption of Torth Mountain had killed all living specimens. The last remaining seed was hoarded by Kyto in his collection of rare treasures. It had somehow gotten lost from the hoard and fell into the hands of Lily, who planted it in her garden. [2]