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Oh, hi Tinker Bell I’ve heard a lot about you and it’s very nice to finally meet you so hello! I’m Elwood a fast-flying sparrow-man and I’m usually very busy zipping back and forth across Pixie Hollow am I talking too fast for you? Oh, sorry, people tell me I’m a little bit hyper.
— Elwood[src]

Elwood is a Fast-flying-talent sparrowman who appears in the Disney Fairies Games.

He can usually be found in Pine Tree Grove, Winter Woods, Midsummer Hills, Harvest Promenade, and Fall Forest.


"Elwood is a fast-flying sparrowman. Though he isn't the fastest flyer, he is the fastest talker. Sometimes he can't even finish a thought before the next one comes out. The ever-present smudges of honey on his chin might explain his hyperactivity."

Game data[]

Likes: Purple materials

Dislikes: Yellow Shell

When Elwood takes an accessory from Tink’s Shop, there’s a possibility he may give a Purple Daffodil.



  • Morning Miss Bell how are you?
  • Hey Miss Bell sure is nice to see you this morning!
  • Whew I’ve been flapping all morning but I’m not tired yet!
  • Afternoon Miss Bell how’s it going?
  • Oh Tink, seeing you again today just makes my wings flutter!
  • Hey Miss Bell the Second Star sure is shining bright tonight huh?
  • Evening Miss Bell how are things?
  • Tink, you are my favorite tinker fairy in all of Pixie Hollow, it’s true!
  • Oh Miss Bell you’re back, thank goodness, I thought you were gone forever.

Seasonal Greetings[]

  • Rise and shine, Miss Bell! Autumn preparations are getting under way, or so I hear! The Minister of Autumn could use some help. He’s over at Harvest Promenade.


  • I fly as fast as I can to create gusts and breezes!
  • Doing somersaults might be hard but if you proactive a lot like I do, you’ll be great in no time!
  • Can you do somersaults now Miss Bell? They’re really fun huh?
  • I’ll bet if you can do good somersaults, even Vidia might be impressed!
  • Hey remember how I taught you to make the wind blow? You should try it in different places — it’s fun!
  • I bet I can hit top speed this morning!
  • I set a new speed record for myself this afternoon!
  • When you make the wind blow don’t be shy use all your breath!
  • This accessory is a flaptacular work of art, Tinker Bell! You should be proud.
  • Spring is okay but I like things a little more chilly!
  • The Summer sun gives me sunburn sometimes!
  • I’m glad it’s starting to cool off on the mainland!
  • I love Winter because making snowdrifts is fun!
  • I started a collection of purple things like purple flowers purple shells purple seeds purple dewdrops purple thread… (Like hint)
  • One time I stubbed my toe on a Yellow Shell and it hurt a lot and ever since then I don’t like Yellow Shells at all. (Dislike hint)


  • Oh my gosh, I may pass out — I just love these!
  • Golly Miss Bell, thanks but I don’t know if this is really my thing…

Water Balloon Message[]

  • This is fantastic I’m glad I stopped in!