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Elixa is a brunette healing fairy who heals animals and fairies alike. In Pixie Hollow Online she runs a hospital located in Neverberry Thicket.

In the books[]

She appears in Fira and the Full Moon, when the fireflies catch the firefly flu. She helps take care of them and informs Fira about it. Then later when Fira visited her workshop, Elixa had found the cure but Sparkle, Helios, and Glory, almost ruined it.

Pixie Hollow Online[]

Elixa makes an appearance in the online MMO, Pixie Hollow Online, as the Shopkeeper inside of Elixa's Hospital

From inside of the hospital, players could interact with her in three ways.

  1. Check on their Animal Friend's health
  2. Release their Animal Friend into the wild
  3. Chat with Elixa in Elixa's Hospital

Occasionally, players would also recieve Quests from Elixa, making her the only quest-giving fairy in Pixie Hollow Online who was from the book series rather than the movie series.