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The fairies aboard Eggshell Boat

The fairy-sized Eggshell Boat was made by Vidia (at the time a Tinker-talent fairy) by using Crocky's eggshells.[1] She created it for her and her other friends travel across the sea and reach the human pirate vessel which whom Zarina was commanding. It was Vidia's first invention as a tinker fairy.


The Eggshell Boat was destroyed after the fairies reached the ship and sank into the ocean. Over the course, the fairies' wings had dried off, allowing flight once again, as all of them were Pixie Dust-supplied before they soaked at a waterfall outside Pixie Hollow. Silvermist was an exception, as her wings were fast enough to avoid the water.

Silvermist, at the time a Fast-flying-talent fairy leaded the fragil vessel carrying her close friends in the sea surrounding the special island of Never Land.