Dust Mill

In the books

The Dust mill lies on the banks of Havendish Stream. The dust-talent fairies work here most of their time.

Description & Operation

The mill is built from peach pits.  Its large double doors open into a workroom, where dust-talent fairies make separate piles of wing feathers, back feathers, neck feathers, and belly feathers, each of which has a different magical potency.

Once they are sorted, the feathers are loaded into a hopper and fed through the grindstone. The dust-talents store the dust in canisters made from dried pumpkins.

When the dust-talents aren't using the mill, the tree-picking and harvest-talent fairies use it to grind flour.[1]

In the films, the role of the dust mill is filled by the Pixie Dust Distribution Depot.

Workers in Pixie Dust Mill


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