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"We nurture the dust.  Maintain it.  Measure it.  Package it.  And distribute it.  A beautiful tradition, day in, day out, passed from one generation to the next, to the next, to the next..."
Fairy Gary on the role of a dust-talent fairy[src]
Dust Depot 1

Dust-talent or Dust-Keeper fairies are Never Fairies who process and ration out Pixie Dust to other non-dust fairies. This is an extremely important job because without Pixie Dust, fairies couldn't fly. They work every day at the Pixie Dust Mill under Fairy Gary's supervision.[1] They set aside a portion of dust for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.[2]

Dust fairies are known to attend every Arrival by sprinkling Pixie dust on a broken piece of laughter, changing it into a new fairy or sparrowman. Dust-talents also delivers Pixie dust on Fairy Camps, as stated in the second sequel. While guardians of the powerful Blue Pixie Dust, understanding Dustology is also exclusive for dust-keepers fairies and associated sparrowmen[ Reference Needed. ] (as they are, possibly, the only ones who can understand it).



  • Nurturing, processing and packaging Pixie Dust.[1]
  • Delivering a daily Pixie Dust ration to every fairy and sparrowman.[3]
  • Sprinkling Pixie Dust over an unborn fairy or sparrowman on its Arrival Day[4] which magically grants them physical form.
  • Delivering Pixie dust on several other Fairy Camps.[5]
  • Feeding the Pixie Dust Tree with Blue Pixie Dust so it will remain healthy and functional as long the blue dust empowers its heart, giving it the strength needed to keep the enchanted tree alive. As a result, regular "golden" Pixie Dust will always be flowing, even in Winter Woods. This task usually includes 26 six grains[6] of blue sparkling specks to drop it at the tree's "throat" where dust first meets the outside world.

Known Dust-talent fairies[]



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