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Dulcie's Taste of Magic is the thirteenth Disney Fairies chapter book published by Random House.




Poor Dulcie! After the overworked baking fairy nearly ruins breakfast, Queen Clarion tells her to take a holiday. But Dulcie’s holiday is no fun at all. Her friends are too busy to spend time with her. And worse, the bossy new baking fairy, Ginger, has taken over Dulcie’s job!
Then Dulcie stumbles across an ancient magical recipe in the library. She’s desperate to try it out. But how can she bake the mysterious Comfort Cake if she’s not allowed in the kitchen?
— Blurb

Dulcie, bored and shiftless without anything to do (like all talents, her joy is in her job), decides to go on a secret quest, gathering the ingredients behind the backs of the other fairies. Dodging the pushy Ginger, she finds ingredient after ingredient... but is stymied by the last ultra-rare ingredient. Only teaming up with Lily the garden-talent fairy allows her to grab the plant, thus completing her recipe. During the course of her adventure, she uncovers the secrets of how the bakery's supplies get to their warehouse, and gains a new appreciation for the talents of others- millers, seed-gatherers, milkers, egg-talents, and more. Before now, she'd never thought of it.

Her Comfort Cake looks dreary and flat, and disaster seems to have struck- Ginger smugly assumes command once more... until the Cake magically explodes into a multi-tiered tower of deliciousness. Each fair tastes whatever their favorite kind of cake is.

Dulcie's reputation and job are thus saved, much to Ginger's annoyance. However, an exhausted Dulcie still lets her finish the next meal- but points out that she'll be back for dinner!