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Presented bellow is our encyclopedia's Policy and Guidelines.

Familiarize yourself with the regulations before contributing to the wiki.

If you are having trouble editing, check Community Central's Help:Editing.


General (Whole Wiki)

  1. No NSFW (Not Safe For Workplace) content will be tolerated. Due to the target demographic of this wiki, lewd or pornographic content will result in a permanent ban and appropriate measures will be taken.
  2. Be Civil. Keep it polite. No swearing, vandalism, harassment, bulling and use of racial or homophobic language will be allowed. On this note:
    Dot not feed trolls. Do not message trolls and do not continue undoing their edition. Reach any active staff member to block the user.
  3. Do not state/ask personal information, such as: full name, location, passwords, social security numbers, or anything that can risk you/others and have the personal information stolen.
  4. Never write personal opinion as/inside articles. For that use solely the comment box, forum or your user blog posts.
  5. For account registering follow Fandom's Terms of Use: be "16+ (in California and in European Economic Area ('EEA') excluding U.K.) or 13+ (in the rest of the world including the U.K.)." If you are found underage, your account will be blocked.
  6. Respect copyright. Wikia uses the GNU Free Documentation License. Everything you contribute must be compatible with that license.


  1. Only canonical content will be accepted. On this note:
    Lore must come from either Disney Fairies or Tinker Bell lines, small external information can be given in trivia.
  2. Always follow Neutral Point of View (NPOV): Be neutral when writing, avoid stating facts as opinion, etc. If it is a character opinion explain that, for example:
    • Good version: Tink mentioned that he was “looking funny;” Terence told that Tink was bad at writing; etc.
    • Bad version: He was looking funny; Tink sucks at writing. (Without reference looks like a personal opinion. For personal opinion use the comment box.)
    If something was badly written, yet has verifiability just rewrite properly, but do not exclude it.
  3. Keep Verifiability: Add references so people using the encyclopedia can check that the information comes from a reliable source. Example:
    • Inside text body: "In X movie/book..."
    • Inside the Reflist. Use the template or add the code:
      <ref>Creator Name. Title of the source. Retrieved on month day, year.</ref>{{Reflist}}
      If needing help feel free to contact any staff member.
  4. Assume Good Faith. Anyone may edit any page, try to consider that the person on the other end is trying to positively contribute to this wikia articles.
  5. Do not revert good faith edits unless:
    • it does not follow Wikia's Policy
    • with solid proof of the mistake, including code error
    • very obvious vandalism like "LOLTHIS-SUXLOL," "2 + 2 = 45" etc.
  6. Do not exclude the entire content of articles' page, any attempt will result in block. Only staff members are allowed to exclude pages. If you see a page that needs to be excluded you can either: leave a comment on the page; contact a staff member or add the category "Candidates for deletion" (use moderately).



  1. Do not add controversial information such as relationships without evidence to support it from official sources (see Canonical Content, Verifiability and NPOV above).
  2. Relationship section solely inside infoboxes. Articles will not contain a Relationship header/section.
  3. No more "Appearance" section in characters page. There is already a section, "Story," to tell which medias a character appeared in. Physical Appearance section is okay.


  1. Refrain from undoing staffs' edits this not only goes against "Do not revert good faith edits," but could also be considered harassment and trolling if continuing doing so. People are picked for staff for following encyclopedic rules, respect that.
  2. Do not create edit wars. This depend to each case and might result in users block. Reach any staff member before continuously undoing another user's editions.
  3. Pages with less than 500 bytes will be subject to deletion, similar to leaving just "WIP" (Work in Progress), they will not be accepted.
  4. Refrain from making new categories see our changes list and use an existing one.
  5. Add only videos from official channels and such as Disney and official partners. Respect the policy of copyrights.

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