Welcome to the Wikia Policies! Please be sure to familiarize yourself with these regulations before contributing to the wiki. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with Wikia's Terms of Use


  • Bullying others will not be tolerated.
    • In addition, the use of racial or homophobic language is not allowed.
  • Swearing of to any major extent is not allowed. The only words allowed are "piss, hell, damn and crap"
  • In accordance with COPPA laws, you must be 13+ years of age to be registered for a Wikia account.
    • If you wish to contribute to this wiki and our under this age threshold, you must contribute as a Fandom User. If you are found with an underaged account, you will be blocked for the amount of days/months/years until your thirteenth birthday.
  • To keep users safe, please do not state your full name, your location, passwords, social security numbers, or anything that can risk you having your personal information stolen.
    • Additionally, do not ask for any personal or revealing information from other users.
    • Secondly, we do not allow the use of IP grabbers. This also would directly violate the Wikia's Terms of Service
  • No NSFW (Not Safe For Workplace) content will be tolerated.
    • Due to the target demographic of this wiki, lewd or pornographic content will result in a permanent ban and appropriate measures will be taken.


  • Anyone may edit any page, as long as their edits are beneficial.
    • On this note, do not add any controversial information such as relationships without evidence to support it from an official source.
  • Vandalism of any page will not be tolerated.
  • Editing a page and adding only "WIP" or any variant of WIP will not be accepted.


  • An article must have at least 500 bytes
    • An article with less than 500 bytes must have the "Stub" category added.
  • Articles are only to be written about canonical Fairies Characters, Novels, or any related content.
  • Please refrain from making new categories where you can use an existing one.
  • Articles are not to be used for the sake of Orginal Characters.
    • However, you can create blogposts or Userpages for them.


All prior rules apply.

  • Discussions must be placed in the correct board.
  • Inactive discussions should not be added onto unless you are contributing to them.
  • Do not spam the threads with phrases like "first".