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If Never Land teaches us anything, it's that friendship makes us stronger. So get to know your Never Friends, Locations and much more!


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Tinker Bell Silvermist Rosetta Iridessa Fawn
VidiaThumb.jpg ClankThumb.jpg BobbleThumb.jpg FairyMThumb.jpg TerenceThumb.jpg
Vidia Clank Bobble Fairy Mary Terence


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Find Your Talent! GoldenTink.png

How many talents are there in Never Land? Why, as many as there are jobs to be done!

Take a look at some of the talents and see just what fairies keep themselves busy with:

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Your own Fairy Tale Theater! GoldenTink.png

Disney+ logo.svg Disney+ is out! Go check your favorite fairies in all six Tinker Bell movies!

Check our list and see what extras are included on the streaming.

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Are you keeping a good, scientific journal just like the one Lizzie Griffiths did? If so, help us write articles about everything you see in the franchises!

This is an encyclopedia so remember to follow a few simple rules. Make sure to cite the sources, so that readers know where you're getting your facts!

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