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Disney Fairies Issue 2 is a Magazine with a comic story released in November 01, 2006 by "The Walt Disney Company Italia, S.p.A."[1]

This issue's comic was re-published in the graphic novel Prilla's Talent.


Characters: Tinker Bell, Prilla, Beck, Rani, Vidia, Fira, Dulcie Terence.

Animals: squirrel, white birds, butterfly, bees, swallow, hawk.

Places: Pixie Hollow woods, Home Tree (kitchen), Vivia's home, waterfall, bees colonies, hawk and swallows nests.



  • Come il vento (us: Like the Wind /uk: The day Prilla discovered Vidia's secret!)


  • Home Tree map
  • Fairies Diary (features Rani, Vidia, Fira)
  • Posters: Prilla, Tink and Rani, and Tink in a pink background
  • Fairy Tests
  • 100 Talents
  • games
  • horoscope


  • UK: Bracelet and Purse


Like the Wind[]


Fairies' Diary[]

Beck mentions how Prilla don't judge by appearances. Prilla gave a sun stencil to Tink. In the nature mail it explain the meaning when giving: linden leaf to say "I like you," laurel leaf to wish good luck, parsley to say "don't meddle," and walnut to say "you have qualities."

In the featured fairies it says:*

*Small changes can be seen in different translations.

Rani featured
Talent water
Personality/Character "Emotional, brave, interrupts other fairies often"
Best friends Tink, Prilla, Silvermist
Symbol Seashell
Likes making water sculptures; Favorite: water lily (flower), aqua (color), melon ice (food), leaf-boat races (games), her shell (possession), under water (place), Loves: swimming
Dislikes feeling different because she doesn't have wings
Vidia featured
Talent fast-flying
Personality/Character "Selfish and standoffish. Obsessed with flying fast. She just can't seem to get along with the other fairies."
Best friends "None that she would admit to, but she does have a soft spot for Prilla"
Symbol dragon-fly
Likes feeling superior; Favorite: prickly-pear blossom (flower), purple (color), lemon tart (food), racing (games), her stash of "fresh" pixie dust (possession), in the air (place); Loves: to fly like the wind;
Dislikes "Poppy seeds, dandelions, almost all other fairies"
Fira featured
Talent light
Personality/Character "a natural leader"
Best friends Iridessa, Luna, Beck
Symbol sun
Likes "putting on light shows;" Favorite: sunflower (flower), yellow gold (color), sunflower seed souffle (food), silver sun that hangs on her wall (possession), casting shadow puppets (game), sun-spotted forest glade (place); Loves: taking cat naps in the sun;
Dislikes cloudy days, waking up early


  • This issue had variant cover with Prilla, Tink, Rani and a Butterfly.
  • Some countries used Issue 4 cover for this issue.
  • In Potuguese-Br this issue's comic was named "Vidia, Fast Like the Wind." In the featured fairies information it changed:
  • Rani's food to watermelon popsicle, color to blue;
  • Vidia's talent to "flying faster than all fairy," color to violet, and place to "the sky;"
  • Fira's talent to "capable of lightning all of Pixie Hollow," personality to "decided and determined," place to "any, as long as is well illuminated," game to "play with objects' shadow," her like to "days that seems like the sun won't set," her love to "make light spectacles" and her dislike to "dawn."



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