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Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures is a hidden object game exclusive to Microsoft Store, and was designed for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The game's chapters are loosely based on the movies (e.g. Tinker Bell and Pixie Hollow Games), with the gameplay consisting of finding specific objects and playing minigames to progress to the next scene.

The game, which had an RRP of US$4.99, only came with the first chapter of the then-available 5, with the rest being DLC.


  1. A Rare Talent
  2. Saving Spring
  3. Once in a Blue Moon
  4. North of Never Land
  5. The Pixie Hollow Games

Technical info[]

The game was one of very few Microsoft Store games that were shown as purchasable on Microsoft Store on Windows 8, while shown as unavailable (even for re-downloading) on Windows 10 and in web browsers. However, the game's .msix installer file can run without problems on Windows 10 and 11 if it's opened by a Microsoft account that bought the game on Windows 8 (The game will check for such a purchase having been made).

The game has a native ARMv7 version, touchscreen-friendly gameplay, and low system requirements (Minimum OS: Windows 8), making it possible to run natively on Windows RT and by extension on later Windows ARM tablets like Surface Pro X.