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There are many significant differences between the books and the films.

  • The books are set after the events of Peter Pan (Tinker Bell is shy about getting into a relationship with Terence after Peter broke her heart pursuing Wendy), but the movies are set before (Tinker Bell's "birth" is shown and she later delivers a repaired music box to a young Wendy Darling.)
  • A fairy's "birth" is different. In the books, a laugh simply travels to Never Land and transforms into a fairy, but in the films Tinker Bell's laugh was carried on a dandelion seed which transformed when Terence poured a cup of pixie dust on it. It also appears that the place Tink was "born" in is a special area intended for just such a purpose; in the books no such place is used.
  • In the books, Tinker Bell expects the new fairy Prilla to know what her talent is; in the movie, a special test is used to determine Tink's talent.
  • The books mention many menial and extremely specialized talents (eg, pancake-flipping), but the movies make use of fewer and more generalized talents.
  • In the books, pixie dust is made by grinding the shed feathers of Mother Dove. In the movies, it flows from within the Pixie Dust Tree, which was later destroyed (according to In the Realm of the Never Fairies: The Secret World Of Pixie Hollow) and later replaces with the Home Tree.