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A Dictionary of Animal Languages was given to Wendy Darling by Fawn in The Hidden World of Fairies. There have also been additional words and phrases stated in the books.

Animal Languages[]


  • Tow hee! Whee phwee low?

~"Would you like a bite of this tasty bug?"

  • Won-fweetle rwooo!

~"What a glossy beak you have!"

  • Wee! Wee! Drin-dee twoo.

~"That squirrel thinks he owns this tree."


  • Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Graaaaaaaaaaagh. Bok.

~"Your slime looks lovely today."

  • Rrrrrraok! Grokkkk? Ack!

~"Shall we wallow in the mud?"

  • Ribbit.

~"The texture and buoyancy of this lily pad suit my taste quite perfectly; I believe I shall rest here at least until sunset. I wonder, would you care to join me?"


  • Grak!



  • Kchr chrick?

~"Want to share my acorn?"

  • Cheee, cheee!

~"Watch out for that hawk!"

  • Sskreeptr-churr! Rrr chutt.

~"This is MY tree! Not yours."

  • CHIP
  • You think you own it all.