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Dewey (also known as The Keeper) is a character that debuted in Secret of the Wings.


In Secret of the Wings (film), Dewey was first mentioned by Scribble as the "keeper of fairy knowledge," being the creator of many books, such as Wingology.

Later, in the Winter Woods's library, Dewey is visited by Periwinkle, who tells him about her wings sparkling. At the same time, Tinker Bell has snuck over the border to ask Dewey about the phenomenon as well. Baffled and excited by the story, Dewey realizes that Peri and Tink are Sisters. This being a very rare occurrence, he explains that, at times, two or more fairies can be born from the same laugh. These fairies' wings sparkle when their sibling is near. Dewey then shows the girls' Arrival Day.

When Lord Milori arrives, he speaks to Dewey about the Wingology book that appeared in the Winter Woods. Milori expresses his concern that a warm fairy is in the Winter Woods, which is strictly forbidden. Milori tells Dewey to send back any warm fairy who crosses the border. When Milori exits, Dewey is stuck with the task of telling Tink to return home, but allows Tink to stay for the day, insisting that she leave before nightfall.

That night, Dewey (riding Fiona) rescues Tink, who has fallen from Peri's house. He comes to the conclusion that the Winter Woods is too dangerous for a warm fairy, insisting that Tink return to the warm seasons. Dewey and Fiona give Tink a ride to the border that separates the majority of Pixie Hollow from the Winter Woods, and Dewey finds himself unable to look as Tink and Peri say their goodbyes.

After Tink's snow making machine inadvertently causes a snowstorm that threatens all of Pixie Hollow, Dewey and others hear Tink idea to protect the Pixie Dust Tree and Pixie Hollow's way of life. Dewey rounds up Lord Milori, along with an army of frost fairies, and together they are able to protect the tree.

After the border law is abolished, Dewey is seen at the big celebration, signing an autograph in a book for Scribble.

Dewey appears briefly at the beginning and end of The Pirate Fairy (film), though his role is little more than a cameo.


  • He is one of few fairies with an elderly appearance.
  • He has a Western accent.
  • His talent is never stated, though librarian, scribe, and knowledge-keeper have been speculated.


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