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Hey! Are you Tinker Bell? Phew, am I glad to find you — and just in time! Sorry to be so abrupt, my name is Dewberry, and I am a fruit fairy! If you need any help with healthy, delicious fruit, I’m the gal to see!
— Dewberry[src]

Dewberry is a fruit-talent fairy who appears in the Disney Fairies Games. She can turn seeds you give her into fruit which can be used to dye thread.

She can usually be found in Summer Glade, Midsummer Hills Sunflower Meadow, and Fall Forest.


"Dewberry, a fruit fairy, is an expert at growing seeds into fruits. She is outgoing and sweet and can get very absorbed in her work. She is always arguing with Olwen about whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable.

Game data[]

Likes: Ruby

Dislikes: Purple Shell

When Dewberry takes an accessory from Tink’s Shop, there’s a possibility she may give a Green Lavender.



  • The day is ripe for fun! Get it? I said “ripe” because… oh, never mind.
  • Sure is great to see you again this fine morning, Tink!
  • I love how the sun shines through the lemon trees!
  • I’ve been ripening fruit all afternoon!
  • Afternoon, Tinker Bell!
  • How nice to fly with you this afternoon!
  • It’s a rare treat to see you back again today, Tink!
  • All the fruit trees have gone to sleep for the night…
  • Sure is nice to see you once more before the end of the day, Tink!
  • Oh, Tink! Thank goodness — I thought you were eaten by a hawk! Please don’t leave us again!


  • Fruit is my favorite thing that grows. And if you bring me a seed, I’ll grow it into a fruit!
  • It’s hard to say what kind of fruit will grow from a seed. Sometimes I’m quite surprised.
  • I specialize in taking care of blooms and blossoms!
  • Such a bright and promising morning…
  • It takes some time to grow a fruit from a seed… but pixie dust makes it grow faster!
  • Every seed is one of my babies. That’s why I take care to raise them right! Thankfully, they don’t cry… much.
  • There’s such a variety of beautiful plants in Pixie Hollow. And I love them all!
  • Sure is warm this afternoon…
  • Such a peaceful evening, isn’t it?
  • I’m just fascinated by all the different jewels around Pixie Hollow.
  • Sunny Summer is finally on its way! I can’t wait…
  • Soon the air will be getting cooler on the Mainland…
  • In Winter, it seems like Summer is so far away!
  • I find the crimson glow of the Ruby just mesmerizing… (Like hint)
  • I made a Purple Shell Anklet once, but it didn’t look very good on me. (Dislike hint)


  • By the Second Star! This is my favorite, Tink! Thank you!
  • Oh, that’s very nice of you… but these aren’t quite my favorite thing.

Water Balloon Message[]

  • It’s adorable, Miss Bell!