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Delis is a Baking-talent sparrowman.


Pixie hollow bake off - baking talent fairies

Delis on the right side in Pixie Hollow Bake Off

In Pixie Hollow Bake Off (special), Delis can be seen in his boss Gelata's team competing against Tinker Bell's team in a baking competition to see who makes the best cake for Queen Clarion's Arrival Day.

In Tinker Bell's Adventure (desktop game), Delis stays in Autumn Forest beside Baden. In Part 7, when Augustus (bird) disappears he says he saw a bird heading to Toadstool Hatches (this is from optional text, if the player interacts with him). In Part 8, when Vidia says his food is the worst, Rosetta talks with Delis that confess he is the new cook in Pixie Hollow, but he never has the right ingredients for the recipes. Rosetta fetch some ingredients for him and Delis then becomes very popular for his cakes. In Part 12, Baden mentions he would like to try it, while Icy, Idalia and Rosetta praised Delis for it. In Part 15, Delis complains of a toothache, caused by cavities from tasting his own sweets. Silvermist goes to Idalia and gets him a "Toothache Medicine."


In Tinker Bell's Adventure game, ten cakes recipes were available through him:

Image Name Recipe
Tinkerbell adveture strawberry cake Strawberry Cake 10 red seeds, 3 strawberries, 1 honey, 1 red rose;
Tinkerbell adveture blueberry cake Blueberry Cake 5 white seeds, 5 raspberries, 2 honeys, 1 orange onion (flower);
Tinkerbell adveture frosted sugar cookie Frosted Sugar Cookie 10 blue seeds, 3 blue berries, 1 blue grass, 1 blue lily;
Tinkerbell adveture honey bun Honey Bun 10 yellow seeds, 3 bananas, 5 honeys, 5 yellow dew drop;
Tinkerbell adveture orange cake Orange Cake 10 orange seeds, 3 oranges, 1 orange grass, 1 orange rose;
Tinkerbell adveture lemon cake Lemon Cake 10 red seeds, 3 cherries, 1 yellow berry, 1 pink lily;
Tinkerbell adveture cherry cake Cherry Cake 10 green seeds, 3 lemons, 1 courage berry, 1 yellow ginger;
Tinkerbell adveture miracle cake Miracle Cake 10 purple seeds, 1 white grass, 1 violet, 3 purple dew drops
Tinkerbell adveture banana pudding Banana Pudding 5 bananas, 1 honey, 1 green grass, 5 yellow dew drops;
Tinkerbell adveture black berry pudding Black Berry Pudding 10 black seeds, 3 black berries, 5 sour plums, 1 black grass;