Crocky, The Crocodile or Tick-Tock the Crocodile, is a crocodile that stalks Captain Hook. At some point Peter Pan had a fight with Captain Hook in which he cut Hook's left hand off and fed it to the crocodile. That little appetizer was so successful that he's been following Hook ever since, egar to devour the remains of the captain. Luckily for Hook, however, the crocodile swallowed an alarm clock, allowing Hook to hear him coming, but in Return to Never Land Hook remarks that he finally got rid of him. He also appeared in Jake and the Never Land Pirates.


The Pirate Fairy

Pirate Fairy Image 4

The Crocodile as a baby.

In The Pirate Fairy, Rosetta accidentally hatched the baby croc's egg with her newly acquired Animal-talent. As a result, young "Crocky" imprinted on her and grew a bond with her. By the end of the film, he had swallowed a clock and chased the young Hook away biting his rear.

Peter Pan

He first appeared in the film when Hook was about to get a shave, scaring the pirate silly, only to be shooed off by Mr. Smee. He appeared again when Hook and Smee were taking Tiger Lily to Skull Rock, following after their boat. When Pan and Hook's duel lead Hook off a ledge, only to save himself with his hook, Tick-Tock arrived and began leaping up, biting and devouring his clothes until he managed to pull him down into the water. Hook struggled with the croc's teeth and attempted to keep from being devoured, eventually swimming for his life back to the safety of his ship, where the croc swam patiently around. He appeared again during Pan and Hook's climatic fight on the ship's mast, hoping that Hook would fall off. When Hook attempted to strike Peter when his back was turned, Peter moved out of the way, causing the pirate to fall off into the water and the waiting jaws of the crocodile. The scared captain ran out of the croc's mouth, but was chased out of Never Land by the determined crocodile, with Mr. Smee and the crew following behind.


He also appears in Iridessa, Lost at Sea, where he eats Iridessa and Tinker Bell. He gets the hiccups and Tink and Iridessa get out of his stomach.


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