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Crocky's Chompin Rescue is a Mini-game, currently available on Toongo.


Characters: Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa, Vidia, Zarina, Captain James Hook, Oppenheimer, Oppenheimer's Mother (photo only), Starboard.

Animals: Crocky.

Fauna: Crocodile, Rat, Spider.


Move the keyboard arrows left and right to move Crocky, up to jump and space to bite or active a fairy talent. Items are required to complete each level while threats take Crockys life. Losing tree lives would lose the level.


  • Sparkles - gives points to collect stars (being three to each level)
  • Clock - extra level item
  • Keys - free fairies to complete levels
  • Eggs - gives life to Crocky.


  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Pirates' feet


Crocky chompin rescue - zarina inside lantern

lamp with Zarina

At the pirates ship the fairies were captured and locked in separated cages. Crocky found the keys and freed the fairies one by one, that helped him along the way while having their talents switched.

By freeing order: Rosetta gave apples to rats, Tinker Bell made small geysers, Fawn directed light to burn pirates' feet, Vidia created floating platforms, Iridessa removed vines from the way and Silvermist made gust of winds with small twisters, propelling Crocky forward. In the end Zarina was freed from a lamp, in the captain's cabin.


BabyCroc iPhone

iPhone icon

  • This game was available for iPhone being, however, unknown why it was removed.
  • The game's home page music is the same as The Pirate Fairy (film) DVD's music from the menu.
  • No level could be completed under 45 seconds for an achievement, being a gameplay error.
  • Zarina's talent was the only one not used.
  • Only the first level was not obligatory to free a fairy, Rosetta. All others required to get the key and free the fairy.