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This page is about Crocky, a recurrent Disney's character. For deeper information about other franchises see Disney Wikia.

Crocky (also "Croc" or "Tick-Tock Crocodile"), is a character that debuted in the Disney Fairies franchise in The Pirate Fairy (film), coming from Peter Pan (1953).


Pirate Fairy Image 4

Crocky after hatching and hugging his "mother"

In The Pirate Fairy (film), Rosetta accidentally hatched the baby crocodile's egg with her newly acquired Animal-talent. As a result, young "Crocky" imprinted on her and grew a bond with her. By the end of the film, Crocky helped her defeating the pirates, swallowed a clock and chased the young Hook away biting his rear. It was its eggshells that originated the Eggshell Boat at the beginning of the movie (courtesy of Vidia).

In The Pirate Fairy (book) (also "Wake Up, Croc" in the cropped version), the occurrences are similar to the movie.

In Tink'n About Animals, Fawn takes care of its arm and says he will go back "splashing around with his float [group of crocodiles] in no time."

In Iridessa, Lost at Sea book, Crocodile appears when it swallows Iridessa and Tinker Bell. It gets the hiccups and Tink and Iridessa get out of his stomach.


TickTock Profile

Peter Pan's Tick-Tock (Crocky)

  • In Peter Pan (1953 film), Tick-Tock Crocodile (Crocky) is said to go after Captain Hook after it has swallowed his hand and an alarm clock, being the origin of its name/nickname for the Peter Pan franchise.
    • Tick-Tock first appeared when Hook was about to get a shave. The second time was when he followed after Hook and Smee boat. The third and forth times were when Peter Pan and Hook had a duel in the Skull Rock and the ship.
  • In Return to Never Land, Hook remarks that he finally got rid of Tick-Tock.
  • He appears in Jake and the Never Land Pirates.