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Crazy Cakes was a mini-game released in July 2010 in Pixie Hollow Online. It was located in the Tearoom.


Crazy cakes game on

Game on (an example without a player's name and icon)

Similar to a shedding-type card game, a random card was placed in the middle of the table. Seven cards were given to the players who, in clockwise turns, would have fourteen seconds each to decide which card to discard. This related to the middle card's number, color or function.

The objective was to be the first to discard all cards from one's hand. If the player had no card to discard. they would have to draw one from the deck and pass the turn.

Apart from the number cards, five special cards were available:

Name Image description Effect
Draw Two Two cards and +2 The following player would draw two cards
Change Color Nº 8 and all four colors / images Changed the discard color
Reverse Two gears Changed turns clockwise or counterclockwise
Skip Turn Two frogs Skipped the following player's turn
Pixie Power Spin wheel Activated the spinning wheel with the options (draw one, extra turn, change color, reverse)

Three badges were available for playing this game 5, 10 and 25 times.