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Lizzy's House

The Cottage belongs to Martin Griffiths, a scientist. It is where he, along with his daughter Lizzy Griffiths and her cat Mr. Twitches went to spend summer holidays during summer season.[1] It is located in the rural area of England and is not too far from London City. A secret Fairy Camp was also settled in a meadow nearby (under a large tree) well hidden from humans.


After Vidia trapped Tinker Bell inside Lizzy's Fairy Home to teach the tinker fairy a lesson, the door got stuck. Unable to get out, Tink tries incessantly to open the door, unsuccessfully. Lizzy arrives and sees the tiny tinker for the first time and quickly realize she's a real fairy. Very impressed, she brings her to the cottage to show her father, Dr. Griffiths, unaware that Vidia followed her in hope of saving Tinker Bell from the girl's human hands. After seeing her father's collection of butterflies, Lizzy realizes that the tinker fairy could be in danger if Martin sees or notice her. She then brings Tinker Bell upstairs straight to her bedroom, where she finally releases her from the Fairy Home but puts Tink inside a cage to protect her from Mr. Twitches, the Griffiths' family pet cat with a rather sour temperament. After Elizabeth releases Tinker Bell from the cage, she tries to escape throught the window, but is unable to open it. Tink then flies to Lizzy's bedroom's ceiling to protect herself from her, which she didn't trusted yet.

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