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Copper is a character that debuted in 2006 in The Trouble with Tink.

In 2008, for Pixie Hollow (online game), her physical appearance changed.


In The Trouble with Tink, in the Tearoom at the pots-and-pans table, beside Tinker Bell, Angus, Zuzu and one more tinker fairy, Cooper says a single phrase "Tink, [she 'said gently'] we've all agreed that Angus and Zuzu should be the ones to repair the tub, since they are the most talented pots-and-pans fairies... lately, that is." Her answer was regard to Queen Clarion tub having problems and the rumor that Tink could have lost her talent.

In Welcome to Pixie Hollow, an image of her is available with a short description.

In Pixie Hollow (online game), where she run's her own Tinkering Nook located in Maple Tree Hill above Mendy's Tailoring Nook. In Fairy Mary's Day Off, play performed at Fairy Tale Theater, Fairy Mary finally has a day off, but without her Copper and the other tinkers can't find anything. After Copper and others bother her several times Fairy Mary decided to rest at the Tinkers' Nook.


  • Copper is not the first fairy to have a major change in her physical appearance. Others being: Cinda and Idalia.