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Comfort cake

Final form of the comfort cake

Comfort Cake (written as Comforte Cayke in the recipe found by Dulcie) is an ancient fairy recipe. When it's first completed it initially appears flat, but soon expands to a large, multi-flavored cake. The recipe is written on an old piece of fairy parchment in leaf lettering. Every single fairy who eats this cake will only taste their favorite flavor, which means each fairy tastes a different flavor even if it comes from the same cake.[1]


Fairies look at a flat comfort cake, just before it transforms into a multi-layered cake



  • 3 sacks of flour
  • 1 egg (Dulcie used a robin egg specifically)
  • 5 teacups of sugar
  • 4 drops vanilla
  • 10 drops of sweet syrup from the Creeping Treacle Vine
  • Chocolate (unspecified amount)
  • Nuts (unspecified amount)
  • Berries (unspecified amount)

"Goode Lucke"