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Cinda is one of the Queen Clarion's helper-talent fairies.


Tales from Pixie Hollow Collection:



In Vidia and the Fairy Crown (book and manga versions) Cinda was the first person to notice that Queen Clarion's crown missing. She was very nervous when she had to explain what happened to the other fairies of Pixie Hollow. Vidia later stops by Queen Clarion's chambers, and asks Cinda and the others about the crown in order to prove her innocence.

In Prilla and the Butterfly Lie, she appears briefly when Queen Clarion announced that some fairies had caught the fairy pox.

In Queen Clarion's Secret, she is seen again briefly when Prilla went to ask the helper-talents if they knew where Queen Clarion was.

In the comic The Cobweb, from Issue 10, Cinda was shown briefly helping the preparations for Queen Clarion's arrival day.

In the comic Barefoot, from Issue 11, Cinda and Rhia made a new dress for Queen Clarion, yet as the shoes disappeared the assistants started discussing whose fault it was for the occurrence.


She is friends with the other helper-talent fairies and seems to be quite shy when speaking to others.


Cinda comic - mistake
  • In the comics her outfit varies with and without a white skirt, and the tip of her hair is wrongly painted green.