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I am tickled as a tooting teakettle.
— Chipper in the first DS game.[src]

Chipper is a Tinker-talent who appear in the games.


In Tinker Bell (DS), on contrary to the movie, Chipper is the one that takes Tinker Bell to her home and later to tinkers' workshop. Chipper is usually found by the Tinkers' Nook and levels tinkers as they get better.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (DS)

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (DS)

In Tinker Bell's Adventure (PC), she stays in Tinkers' Nook and gives advice about the mini game "Work Shop." In part 14 Chipper says she found the design for a white lily hair clip and gives it so Tinker Bell can craft. After the player completes the hair clip, Tink shows it to Chipper that gives a book with more designs for Tink to craft, and leaves the hair clip with Tink too.


"A tinker fairy who doesn't mind getting a little dirt on her wings, Chipper is no stranger to hard work. She enjoys crafting something out of nothing, and usually has good advice on how to fix things. She also has the responsibility of bestowing new ranks on tinkers as they grow in ability."

Game data[]

Likes: Green items, Peridot


When Chipper takes an accessory from Tink’s Shop, there’s a possibility she may give a Green Violet.



  • Sure is great to see you again this fine morning, Tink!
  • It’s a rare treat to see you back again today, Tink!
  • Are you headed home, or headed out, Miss Bell?
  • I hope you had a productive day, Tinker Bell!
  • Oh, Miss Bell, you’re back! Thank goodness — the workshop hasn’t been the same without you!

Seasonal Greetings[]

  • Good day, Tinker Bell! I hear the Preparations of Summer are beginning… You should go to Beach Cove and see the Minister of Summer.
  • How are you, Tinker Bell? Winter will soon be here. Everyone is preparing for it! Go to Snowfall Grotto and see if the Minister of Winter needs help.


  • I fiddle and fix and craft and create!
  • Lots to repair this morning…
  • Perhaps I’ll take a break this afternoon…
  • Another day’s work done!
  • If you’re asked to fix something, make sure you finish on time! You don’t want to disappoint someone.
  • Spring sure is busy for us!
  • Lots to fix and create this Summer!
  • Winter sure is the most mysterious season…
  • I think green is my favorite color… it’s quite calming when I’m tinkering! (Like hint)
  • Have you ever seen a Peridot? It’s a beautiful green gem. They’re quite rare, too. (Like hint)


  • Crack my kettles, Tinker Bell! I love these! Thank you!

Water Balloon Message[]

  • This is amazing! I’m a huge fan.