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Cheese's Great Adventure

Fairy Tale Theater

Cheese's Great Adventure was a play on Pixie Hollow Online performed at Fairy Tale Theater.


It was released on January 12, 2010 until February 22, 2010 then re-released on February 9, 2011 to March 28, 2011. It featured the characters Cheese and Tinker Bell including three of his animal friends. Costumes for all the characters were available at Cassie's Costume Shop.


Characters: Cheese, Tinker Bell;

Fauna/Flora: mouse, Sprinting Thistles, Bunny, Bird, Chipmunk, Squirrel, Wasp.

Locations: Rosetta's Garden, Tinkers' Nook, Tinker Bell's House.

Objects: Copper's wagon.


CHEESE: "What a great day!"
CHEESE: "I got to pull Copper’s wagon and now I get to visit Tink!"
CHEESE: "She gives me cheese!"
(Use Wasp Prop: Wasp Swarm Appears)
CHEESE: "Oh no! Wasps! They’re heading for Rosetta’s gardens!"
CHEESE: "Bunny, quick! You’re faster than me!"
CHEESE: "Run around and around those wasps!"
CHEESE: "Make them dizzy so they can’t find the garden!"
BUNNY: "You got it, Cheese!"
(Use Wasp Prop: Wasp Swarm Disappears)
CHEESE: "Rosetta’s garden is saved! Thanks, Bunny!"
BUNNY: "No problem, Cheese!"
(Use Tree Prop: Squirrel Appears)
CHEESE: "Yikes! That baby squirrel might fall!"
CHEESE: "Chipmunk, quick! Climb up!"
CHEESE: "Get him to go back in his home, okay?"
CHEESE: "He shouldn’t be out alone!"
CHIPMUNK: "You got it, Cheese!"
(Use Tree Prop: Squirrel Disappears)
CHEESE: "The baby squirrel will be safe now! Thanks!"
CHIPMUNK: "No problem, Cheese!"
(Use Thistle Prop: Thistles Appear)
CHEESE: "Oh no! Sprinting Thistles!"
CHEESE: "Bird! Help!"
CHEESE: "Chase the Sprinting Thistles away!"
CHEESE: "They will trample Tinker’s Nook!"
BIRD: "Squawk, squawk, Cheese!"
(Use Thistle Prop: Thistles Disappear)
CHEESE: "Alright! Tinker’s Nook is saved! Thanks, Bird!"
BIRD: "Any time, Cheese!"
CHEESE: "At last! Tink’s house!"
(Tinker Bell Enters)
TINKER BELL: "Hi, Cheese! Where have you been?"
TINKER BELL: "Messing around in the forest, I bet."
CHEESE: "Squeak squeak!"
TINKER BELL: "Okay, come in. I’ve got some cheese for you!"
CHEESE: "Like I said, what a great day!"