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Cheer Zone

Cheer Zone at Fairy Tale Theater

Cheer Zone was a play on Pixie Hollow Online performed at Fairy Tale Theater. It was released on November 10, 2011 to November 21, 2011 in honor of the special Pixie Hollow Games premiering on Disney Channel for all the different talents to cheer for their team. There were five different cheer outfits for both fairies and sparrowmen sold at Cassie's Costume Shop.


GARDEN-TALENT CHEER: "Pretty Petunias! Sugar Plums!"
GARDEN-TALENT CHEER: "Garden-talents show your green thumbs!"
GARDEN-TALENT CHEER: "Clap your hands! Scream and shout!"
GARDEN-TALENT CHEER: "Garden-talents, it's time to sprout!"
ANIMAL-TALENT CHEER: "One, Two, Three, Four!"
ANIMAL-TALENT CHEER: "Animal-talents score with a roar!"
ANIMAL-TALENT CHEER: "Animal-talents flap and flitter!"
ANIMAL-TALENT CHEER: "We take care of every critter!"
WATER-TALENT CHEER: "WAVE your wings, raise a fin ..."
WATER-TALENT CHEER: "Water-talents for the win!"
WATER-TALENT CHEER: "Hey there Fairies here's a news flash ..."
WATER-TALENT CHEER: "... Water-talents make a big SPLASH!"
LIGHT-TALENT CHEER: "We are the talents of LIGHT! LIGHT! LIGHT!"
LIGHT-TALENT CHEER: "Light-talents shine! You all know!"
LIGHT-TALENT CHEER: "Come on Fairies! Read! Set! Glow!"
TINKER-TALENT CHEER: "Don't be a Meanie! Don't be a Stinker!"
TINKER-TALENT CHEER: "Come on Fairies stand up and TINKER!"
TINKER-TALENT CHEER: "Tinker talents are no fools ..."
TINKER-TALENT CHEER: "... we're the best ones with our tools!"