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"Does the storm know the plan?" - Chase to Nyx. [1]

Chase is a Scout-Talent fairy that works under Nyx.



Physical Appearance

She has a long white ponytail, light blue eyes, and the outfit typical of a scout fairy; brown tunic with a leaf on it, brown boots, black and gray striped undershirt and leggings, and black wrist bracers.


In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (film), Chase asks Buck, an animal-talent fairy, if he knows what was the roar sound. After Chase and the scout fairies tries to follow the unknown animal traces, not finding it, she and the others wait outside while Nyx talks with Queen Clarion about the occurrences. Chase groups with the scouts again to hunt the Neverbeast Gruff and later, alongside many fairies, Chase holds him with a net. Near the end she comments back to Nyx if "the storm knows the plan."

In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (graphic novel), Chase appears in eight frames. In one when the scout faries were tracking the unknown creature (Gruff), after looking at broken twigs (a fake tracking made by Fawn) she comments that the creature went to the Summer Glade. In the last frame she appears, her hair was wrongly painted black. Her movie phrase about the storm is instead said by Fury.


  • Chase physical appearance is similar to Morgan, with the exception of the eyes color.
  • In a Disney Fairies Magazine, is said Chase has a perfect aim with arrows.



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