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Hi! Tinker Bell, is it? I’m Cera, a water fairy. Nice to know you!
— Cera[src]

Cera is a Water-talent fairy whom appears the games.


Cera is said to be an expert at making ripples in lakes and ponds. Her patterns of waves are pure art, and watching her create them is like watching ballet. Like many water fairies, she frequently listens to the babbling brook, and is always aware of the most current trends in Pixie Hollow.


In Tinker Bell (DS) she is often seen in Lilypad Pond and sometimes in Sunflower Meadow or Summer Glade. She loves to listen to the babbling brook and can tell you gossips from it.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (DS)

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (DS)

In Tinker Bell's Adventure game, in Lillypad Pond Cera stood there and would give advice about the mini game "Collect Dew Drops!".

Game data[]

Likes: Blue Shell

Dislikes: Red Feather

When Cera takes an accessory from Tink’s Shop, there’s a possibility she may give a Blue Daisy.



  • Good morning, Tinker Bell!
  • Tinker Bell! I was hoping you’d stop by again.
  • My afternoon sure has been busy! Lots of dewdrops to collect.
  • Good afternoon, Tinker Bell!
  • Tinker Bell! How’s my favorite tinker fairy this afternoon?
  • Hope your day was flitterific, Tinker Bell!
  • Tinker Bell! Haven’t seen you all day.
  • It’s always nice to see my favorite tinker before the end of the day!
  • Oh, Tink! I thought a raincloud had carried you away. I’m so glad you’re back!

Seasonal Greetings[]

  • Hey, Tink! Did you hear? We’re all starting to get ready for Spring! Why don’t you head down to Springtime Square?


  • I can mold and shape water into just about anything!
  • Such a peaceful evening, isn’t it?
  • Sometimes the babbling brook will clue me in to what fairies are talking about now.
  • When I see a fairy wearing something nice, I sometimes wonder where I can get one. I guess that’s how things become a trend!
  • Spring flowers smell so sweet…
  • Sunny Summer is finally on its way! I can’t wait…
  • Soon the air will be getting cooler on the mainland…
  • Do you know why the sky is blue? Because it’s the best color there is, of course.
  • I haven’t seen many blue seashells, have you? They sure are pretty. (Like hint)
  • I’m not a big fan of Red Feathers. They’re a bit too bright for me. (Dislike hint)

Babbling Brook[]

  • The babbling brook knows everything that goes on in Pixie Hollow. If you ever want to know the latest gossip, come see me! Who knows, you may become the next trend setter.
  • I’m not sure what fairies are into right now… everyone seems so busy getting ready for the new season.
  • I’ll try and find out what’s popular among fairies right now…
  • The babbling brook tells me that the fireflies all think you’re the cutest, Tink!
  • The babbling brook tells me you’re designing clothes! If they catch on, you might be famous! I’ll let you know.
  • I’ve heard all the fairies talking about the accessory you made, Tink! Tink, your talent is out of this world!
  • The babbling brook tells me the accessory you designed is very popular. Tink, your talent is out of this world!
  • The accessory you designed has become very popular! You are the talk of Pixie Hollow!
  • I’ve seen a few fairies wearing the accessory you created. It’s very beautiful! You are the talk of Pixie Hollow!

Water Balloon Message[]

  • I’m breathless, Tink! I love your work.