Cedar is a Carpenting-talent fairy that appeared in the Books and Comic Series.


Tales from Pixie Hollow

Comic Series


Cedar is said to be a talented fairy, "expert carpenter with excellent woodworking skills," with hammer, saws and bits of woods, she creates, personalize and decorate rooms for new fairies in the Home Tree and Pixie Hollow.[1]


When Tinker Bell's room was destroyed, Cedar and Gwinn reconstructed it to its original condition. [Reference Needed]

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Despite her Cedar is described as shy, quiet and reserved, yet never saying "no" when it comes to do her carpenter job, always hard at work. Cedar favorite creation is said to be the house of another carpenter fairy that wanted everything "in the shape of a saw." She is also often seen flying with her coworker and friend Gween, being regarded their size difference as that is Cedar is 7 inches tall, taller than never fairies' average 5 inches.[1]



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