"Famous Fairy" is a term originating from the "Disney Fairies"-based MMO Pixie Hollow Online.

This term was used to describe NPC Fairies that would grant Quests to the playersMost Famous Fairies have at least one appearance in the Disney Fairies movie franchise. This includes Kit (Cameo-d in The Pirate Fairy) and Marina (In The Pixie Holow Games), who both originated from Pixie Hollow Online.


  • The only Famous Fairy who has not appeared in a Disney Fairies film is Elixa.
  • The "Famous Fairy" outfit collections included mostly the quest-giving Famous Fairies. The two exceptions were:
    • Vidia, who hosted Vidia's Daily Spin rather than deliver quests
    • Periwinkle, who only appeared during events
      • Kit, Marina, and Elixa were excluded from these collections.

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