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Case of the Missing Sparkles

Fairy Tale Theater

Case of the Missing Sparkles was a play on Pixie Hollow Online performed at Fairy Tale Theater. It was released on February 23, 2010 until April 7, 2010 than re-released on December 9, 2010 to February 8, 2011. It features Iridessa as the detective called Bright Eyes, Fira, Dulcie, Minister of Autumn, and Blaze. Costumes for all the characters were available at Cassie's Costume Shop.


Scene 1
BRIGHT EYES: "My name is Iridessa. I’m a light-talent."
BRIGHT EYES: "But when mystery calls, I become Bright Eyes, Fairy Detective!"
FIRA: "Bright Eyes, my sparkles are missing!"
FIRA: "I flew into Dulcie’s Kitchen for a cookie."
FIRA: "And I left my bag of sparkles outside."
FIRA: "When I came back out, the bag was gone!"
BRIGHT EYES: "Was it windy? Maybe the bag blew away."
FIRA: "There was no wind. Blaze the Firefly was there -- he’ll tell you."
BRIGHT EYES: "I’d better talk to Dulcie."
Scene 2
DULCIE: "Sorry, Bright Eyes. I haven’t seen Fira’s sparkles."
(Use Oven Prop)
BRIGHT EYES: "You use sparkles to light your oven fires, right?"
DULCIE: "Yes. I get them from the Minister of Autumn."
DULCIE: "He likes my Acorn Cookies!"
DULCIE: "Maybe he took the sparkles with him."
BRIGHT EYES: "I’ll find out. Thanks, Dulcie."
Scene 3
MINISTER: "I didn’t visit Dulcie today, Bright Eyes."
MINISTER: "But I do give her sparkles for her oven."
MINISTER: "She makes the best Acorn Cookies!"
BRIGHT EYES: "Who else might want sparkles, Minister?"
MINISTER: "Well, fireflies love them."
(Use Sign Prop On Desk)
MINISTER: "They try to sneak them all the time."
BRIGHT EYES: "Blaze the Firefly was there when her sparkles disappeared!"
BRIGHT EYES: "I need to talk to Blaze!"
Scene 4
BLAZE: "Bzzz!"
(Use Flower Prop)
BLAZE: "Bzzz bzzz!"
BRIGHT EYES: "Where did you get the sparkles, Blaze?"
BLAZE: "Bzzz!"
BRIGHT EYES: "Outside of Dulcie’s Kitchen?"
BLAZE: "Bzzz. Bzzz."
(Use Flower Prop)
BRIGHT EYES: "Blaze, those sparkles belong to Fira."
BLAZE: "Bzzz?"
BRIGHT EYES: "Don’t worry, I’ll make you some sparkles myself."
BLAZE: "Bzzz bzzz!"
BRIGHT EYES: "Another mystery solved!"