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This page is about Captain James Hook, a recurrent Disney's character. For deeper information about other franchises see Disney Wikia.

I'll get you for this, Pan! If it's the last thing I do!
— James Hook[src]

Captain James Hook is the captain of the pirate ship Jolly Roger. In the Disney Fairies/Tinker Bell franchise, he debuted in Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg (2005).


In Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg (2005), when Mother Dove's egg breaks he like the other Never Land residents start to grow older. Later, the questers took his double cigar holder while he was asleep to give to Kyto so he would restore the egg

In Tinker Bell Takes Charge chapter book (2006), Hook shoot a canon ball, unknowingly at the Home Tree.

In Iridessa, Lost at Sea (2009), he appears briefly when Iridessa and Tinker Bell snuck onto his ship and ordering Smee around.

In Bad Day to be a Pirate Pixie Hollow (online game)'s play (2010), Hook and Smee got a fake map to Pixie Hollow, from Foxmoon and Windy, and falls into the fairies traps.

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Captain Hook as he appears in Tinker Bell to the Rescue

In Tinker Bell to the Rescue graphic novel (2010), Vidia is captured by Hook and Smee, being later freed by the other fairies.

In Tinker Bell and the Pirate Adventure graphic novel (2011), Hook and the pirates stole bananas, yet the fairies took the bananas back to the Tiffens.

In Tinker Bell and Her Stories for a Rainy Day graphic novel.

In The Pirate Fairy (film) (2014), James makes his first appearance in the Disney Fairies' motion pictures. James meets Zarina and poses himself as a benevolent cabin boy, who appreciates her, "unlike the rest of her former friends" as he reinforces. As the others pirates could not understand her he works as her translator as they play pretend that she is their captain. After she steals the Blue Pixie Dust, creates their own Pixie Dust Tree to make their ship fly, and teaches James how to fly, he lock her in a lamp and throws it in the ocean. In the end he faces Zarina, but falls in the ocean and is chased by Crocky.

In The Pirate Fairy (chapter book), he said he has Eton education and that he could not understand Zarina at first, not being further expound. Near the end it said he changed his accent when he revealed he was tricking Zarina

Crockys chomping rescue game on 3

Captain Hook's appearance in Crocky's Chomping Rescue

In Crocky's Chompin Rescue (2014), he could be seen at the background of levels 5 and 6.


  • It is unknown how long he and his crew have been at Never Land.
  • In Peter Pan's diverse adaptations and sequels, throughout them, numerous times he tries to capture or kill Peter Pan, is stalked by Tik-Tok crocodile (Crocky), kidnap kids, tricked Tinker Bell and is defeated by Peter. In some adaptations it says that the crocodile ate his left hand, cut off by Peter, and continues to go after him because it liked the taste, making Hook terrified of clock-like noises.
  • James Hook does have The Gift - a rare ability that makes possible for humans to understand fairies. He aqcuired it[1] and therefore could talk to Zarina, which whom he tricked for over a year to steal the Blue Pixie Dust from Pixie Hollow, the only thing in nature powerful enough that could maintain the Pixie Dust Tree functional. After he turned against her, she was trapped inside a gas lamp and threw into the Never Sea.[2]As a water fairy, Tinker Bell were able to use hydrokinesis to help Zarina survive and didn't let her drown in the salty waters. Silvermist, now a fast flier, flapped her wings at an extremely fast rate to dry Zarina faster than usual. Once dried and fully supplied with regular Pixie Dust, she and the others followed James and his crew aboard the flying ship to stop him from reaching the Second Star to the Right that would let them return to the Mainland.
  • Zarina taught Captain James Hook to fly while he was supplied with Pixie Dust, and this almost led her to her demise.[2]Thankfully to a tiny speck of Blue Pixie Dust, she was saved from being defeated and forced to see James and his pirates take over the human world outside Never Land.