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A list of inconsistencies that have occurred in Disney Fairies Franchise during its run.

Disney Fairies Book-verse[]


Disney Fairies Movie-verse[]

  • In Secret of the Wings, it is revealed that the baby's first laugh from which Tinker Bell is born split into two, and in result Tink discovers she has a twin sister named Periwinkle. However, in Tinker Bell we can see Tink's complete journey from the Mainland to Never Land, and that is never the case.
  • In Secret of the Wings, we find out that fairies from the warm seasons cannot cross the border into the Winter Woods because their wings could break due to the cold, and vice versa. However, in Tinker Bell Tink, Clank, and Bobble fly thorugh the Winter Woods with no consequences, and many winter fairies are seen throughout the film in the warm seasons. Moreover, the movie ends with fairies arriving on the Mainland where there's still Winter, and again, they experience no discomfort.
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