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The Butterfly Bayou is a place first mentioned in Secret of the Wings (film).[1] During her conversation with her twin sister Periwinkle, Tinker Bell mentions this place as home of hundreds of butterflies whose localization is at Summer Glade, Pixie Hollow's portion of perpetual summer. Peri then expresses she wants to visit the warm side and meet up with her favorite insects, as it is by far too cold for any insect to live in the Winter Woods.

Later at Needlepoint Meadow, Fawn finishes the frost-talent fairy's tour on the warm side of Pixie Hollow with a swarm of monarch butterflies, much to the latter's delight. She finally meets Tink's best friends and earns a gift from Rosetta (a periwinkle flower, in which she was named after; possibly by Lord Milori on her Arrival Day[ Reference Needed. ]) in which she frosts up using her inborn Frost-talent.