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A half-painted butterfly, as seen in The Great Fairy Rescue

Butterfly is a species of animal seen in Never Land and on the Mainland.

Known Butterflies[]


In Fawn: An Animal Fairy, Fawn helps a butterfly getting out of its cocoon with the help of a Snail.

In Secret of the Wings (film), Needlepoint Meadow (mistaken for "Butterfly Bayou") is mentioned to be the home of hundreds of butterflies.


Butterflies racing

In The Realm of the Never Fairies, it is explained that butterflies fly wherever they want, not in a straight line, and do not pay attention to cheers and encouragement, being intelligent and "extremely mischievous" by nature, yet "obnoxious creatures." The only fairies with enough patience to work with them are the few butterfly-herding-talent fairies who take the herd of butterflies, over fifty in number, to pasture in a meadow beside Havendish Stream. There, butterfly eggs hatch into caterpillars (and woolly caterpillars are raised for their fur). In butterfly races, fairies use "clever tactics" such as casting shadows of large birds to chase the butterflies towards the goal.

In The Trouble with Tink, Peter Pan pretends to mistake Terence and Tinker Bell for butterflies, saying he is going to catch them and put them in his butterfly collection.


From Dr. Griffiths' collection

In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (film), it is shown that butterflies have symmetrical wings that are painted by the animal-talent fairies. However, mistakes can be made and the butterfly might come out with unsymmetrically painted wings. Butterflies are also shown as a subject of Dr. Martin Griffiths' scientific research, pinned to the wall of his study. A butterfly with mismatched patterns was seen by Lizzy Griffiths and seized by her father. In the end, it is freed by Tinker Bell.

In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Fawn trains tiny pink butterflies to move from a brush after she signals them.

In Tinker Bell's Adventure, two butterflies were given as cards and the game cursor was a pink butterfly.

Butterflies also appear in Butterfly Painter and Prilla and the Butterfly Lie.