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Buck is an Animal-talent sparrowman that debuted in the short How I Train: Fawn.


In How I Train: Fawn, Fawn decided who would be her partner for the Pixie Hollow Games; since he stayed on the frog for more than eight seconds, because his leg was stuck in the strings, he won.

In Pixie Hollow Games (special), he played for the animal-talents as Fawn's partner. They won the first event of the games but lost later because they weren't in the last event. He is seen cheering in the crowd with the others.

In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast, answering Chase, he said he heard the roar. He turned to the mouse in the wheel with him and said to run a little faster and visualize the acorns right in front of it, then back to Chase he said he had no idea of what animal made the roar and to let him know as soon as she found out, and if it came from anything loud (and the movie continued with other animal fairies until Nyx said, Fawn).


  • His name is similar to Beck.