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Welcome to Soapstone Stream. Let me show you how to bounce the fish upstream!

Bubble Bounce was a mini-game released in September 2008 in Pixie Hollow Online. It was located in Dewdrop Vale.


Characters: Silvermist

Fauna: Fish


At Soapstone Stream, Silvermist needed help sending the fish up the waterfall. However, as the player's pixie may not have been a Water Talent, she first put each fish in a bouncing bubble. From there, you were able to help the fish by bouncing them with a lily pad.

With the mouse cursor, the player moved a lily pad left and right to bounce fish up the waterfall in a limited time frame. Each level started with three lily pads, but hitting a falling sweetgum spike lost a lily pad. Losing all three ended the game. Bonus time and bigger lily pads were available throughout Bubble Bounce.


  • Silvermist confirmed this game's location to be in Soapstone Stream, suggesting that Soapstone Stream runs from Summer Glade into Spring Valley.
  • The short Silvermist: A Water Fairy (2008) has a similar theme to this mini-game, except Silvermist doesn't use a lily pad.