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Brother Dove

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Brother Dove is a dove who flies Rani about Never Land, since Rani had to cut her wings off to save Mother Dove. Rani and him are really close friends, and he even searched for her all over Never Land when she ran away.

In the books[]

He was first introduced in Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, at the end Mother Dove told Rani that he was her new wings.

Rani rode on his back during a game of fairy tag in The Trouble with Tink. He, Rani and the water-talents were "it" until Tally had tagged Jerome.

In Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, he was seen at the beginning taking Rani to the Mermaid Lagoon. When Soop wouldn't come, she told him to leave while she cried.

He appears in Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon, at the Fairy Dance, where he helps Rani dance. When, Rani left after the damage she had caused at the dance, he searched all over Never Land for her. He is delighted when she comes back and he sticks closer to her.

And again in Fairies and the Quest for Never Land, he appeared very briefly when Rani called for him. He might've went on the quest with the other fairies since Rani went.

In Four Clues for Rani, he had broken his wing so couldn't take Rani on the Fairy Treasure Hunt. He called on Cousin Dove to fly Rani around and asked Beck to explain to Rani about what happened.