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We're pleased as a pile of perfectly polished pots you're here!
— Bobble[src]

Phineas T. Kettletree[1], most known as Bobble, is a Tinker-talent sparrowman. His best friend is Clank. His nearsightedness makes him something of a "close talker," getting into other's personal space. He is a "tinker geek" who loves to talk shop and often finds himself in trouble with Fairy Mary, who has little patience for shenanigans.


Tinker Bell

In Tinker Bell, Clank and Bobble were the first tinker fairies Tinker Bell met when she first arrived. They introduced her to Pixie Hollow, told her all about changing the seasons, and showed her the house the tinkers had prepared for her in Tinkers' Nook. Later in the day, Clank helped carry a wagon containing supplies for delivering spring, as it had not been repaired on time. They and Clank help take a music box to the Mainland for Tink.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

In the second movie, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Clank created an invention called a firework launcher. The launcher shot light crystals and flowers figments into the air when the spring was tightened, and the trigger was thrown. Clank and Bobble were also impressed by the play about the Mirror of Incanta performed at Fairy Tale Theater.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

In the third movie Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Clank and Bobble made their first appearance in the movie by crash-landing a dove carrying supplies into fairy camp. Later in the movie, they helped build a ship, which they sailed with Tink's other friends to rescue her.

Pixie Hollow Games

In the fourth movie Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games, Clank and Bobble are the games' announcers. They supported Tinker Bell and Fairy Mary until they lost at twig spheres. Then they started to support Chloe and Rosetta.



Physical Appearance

Bobble is very short, skinny and has very tiny, beady eyes, which appear extremely large thanks to the water-drops held by the frames of his glasses.


Bobble is an excitable, fussy tinker fairy who is nonetheless cheerful and helpful. He can be argumentative (especially with Clank) but is usually dutiful and pays good attention. Like a lot of fairies, Bobble likes any reason to celebrate. He loves to talk shop and is usually working on some half-finished invention that was probably a silly idea in the first place.



Him and Clank are best friends, though they frequently bicker. They are usually helpful to "Miss Bell" (Tinker Bell) and can help cover for her with Fairy Mary.


Bobble in the books.


  • Bobble appears to find Tinker Bell attractive. His water-drop "glasses" actually pop when he see her in her lovely dress for the first time and hangs on the word "pretty" while present.
  • Bobble is one of the handful of fairies in Pixie Hollow to speak with a non-American accent. In his case, he speaks with a Scottish accent. Despite the fairies' tendency to visit England, only a small handful share English or Scottish accents (Fairy Mary, Fairy Gary, Clank, and Bobble).
  • Bobble states that his favorite season is Spring in the original movie[1] and in the fourth sequel.[2]
  • Bobble is the first known sparrowman to have a full name, like most humans do have on the Mainland.
  • Twire is a tinker-talent fairy that appears in the books and which resembles Bobble.[3]



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