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Bluebird is a species of animal (Bird) seen in Neverland.


Fawn bluebird

Fawn teaches a young bluebird to fly.

In Tinker Bell (film) (2008), baby bluebirds can be seen when Fawn and Tinker Bell went to teach them how to flap their wings. A just born blue bird tries to go back to its egg instead of flying, in fear of Tinker Bell's guidance.


Fawn and Vidia gives a bath and dry bluebirds

In The Pirate Fairy (film) (2014), seven bluebirds could be seen among Fawn and Vidia to bath, being scratched with a toothbrush and dried with Vidia's wind.

In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (2014), a flock of bluebirds is shown being guided by Fawn in the sky. Not long after, another fairy is shown teaching a bluebird how to flap its wings.

In Pixie Dust Powers (2014) a sleeping bluebird blocked the way and was moved with animal talent dust.

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