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Blueberry Cake is a Fairy Food introduced in Pixie Hollow Online and featured in Tinker Bell's Adventure. It is a cake made out of blueberries.


There are four known variants of Blueberry Cake:

  1. The standard Blueberry Cake, covered in frosting.
  2. Delis' Blueberry Surprise Cake, which has exposed layers and an abundance of frosting inside
  3. The two-tiered, fully-frosted Blueberry Cake featured in Harvest Hustle
  4. The two-tiered, lightly frosted Blueberry Cake that is eaten in the Tearoom.


Harvest hustle - level 10

Blueberry Cake in Harvest Hustle

In Pixie Hollow Online, blueberry cake is featured throughout the game. It is eaten at events such as the Fairy Feast, and also shared amongst pixies at the Tearoom.

In the Talent Game Harvest Hustle, starting from level 10, picking up some Blueberry Cake will cause all the Blueberries- as well as any other Blueberry Cakes on screen- to be collected.

Blueberry Cake Recipe

Delis' Blueberry Cake and the recipe used for it.

In Tinker Bell's Adventure, part 12, after receiving Icy's blue seeds, Delis confesses he is working on a new recipe he likes to call "Blueberry Surprise Cake". With Rosetta's help, he is able to gather all the ingredients and bake the cake.

Fairy Recipe

Blueberry Surprise Cake: 10 blue seeds, 3 blueberries, 1 blue grass, 1 blue lily[1]


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  • Blueberry Surprise Cake bears some slight resemblance to the cake baked by the fairies in Disney's animated film, Sleeping Beauty