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Blueberries are a fruit seen throughout Never Land, as well as Pixie Hollow.

Neverbeast - basket of blueberries

In Pixie Hollow Online, it is a collectable ingredient that can be found growing throughout several Spring, Summer, and Autumn meadows. Specifically, it can be found in:

Blueberry Bunch Badge

One of the badges for collecting blueberries in Autumn

Despite being present in several different seasons, fairies generally consider this fruit an "Autumn" ingredient. This is because during Autumn, pixies are rewarded with badges for collecting Blueberry bunches

Blueberries are the key ingredient in Blueberry Cake and Blueberry Cookies.


In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (film), Fawn hides a baby hawk in a basket full of blueberries. Later she plays with a blueberry while talking to some rabbits.

In Pixie Hollow Paint Day (storybook), Fawn and Beck follow their bluebirds friends to pick the best blueberries.

In Tinker Bell's Adventure (game), blueberries were used in Delis' Blueberry Cake recipe.

In Harvest Hustle (mini-game), blueberries are collectible items and ingredients (also used in the blueberry cake) to be gathered (by the player) and stocked to feed animals in winter.