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Blue Dust - one of nature's mightiest multipliers! Takes the golden dust from a trickle to a roar!

The all-powerful Blue Pixie Dust is used to replenish the Pixie Dust Tree so that it will keep producing regular, golden Pixie Dust.[1] Without it, the tree will weaken and its production will slowly stop until over.[2] Once every eight years, a Blue Harvest Moon rises and rules up Pixie Hollow's night sky. When its light shines through a Moonstone at 90°, the light is transmuted into Blue Pixie dust. It is then collected by dust-keeper fairies who sprinkle most of it inside the Pixie Dust Well, making it turn from gold to pure light-blue.[1]

A portion of this dust is collected and kept in a safe at the Pixie Dust Distribution Depot, and thereafter twenty-six grains of blue pixie dust are used to boost the Pixie Dust Tree daily, so it will never stop ceasing flowing.[3]

Blue pixie dust also acts as an amplifier to other dusts - a single grain of blue dust thrown onto a dust-sprinkled James Hook made the dust on him so powerful that he could no longer control his flight. It's also a vital component in Pixie Dust Alchemy.[3]