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Bleakwatch Chronicles: Tinker Bell and the Lost City is an upcoming Disney Fairies book with an announced release date of November 5, 2024.[1][2][3]

The cover[4] bears the Disney Fairies logo and the plot starts off in Pixie Hollow, though only Tinker Bell has been confirmed within the press release synopsis as a returning character. Amazon USA lists it as being the first book in a Bleakwatch Chronicles book series.

With the initial press release stating a page number of 256, it would result in the longest book in the Disney Fairies franchise as of at the time of the book's release, surpassing the previous record holder Fairies and the Quest for Never Land by a margin of 34 pages, but is in turn scheduled to be surpassed by Wings of Starlight in February 2025.

Official synopsis[]

  • "Tinker Bell loves nothing more than solving a problem. For her, red buttons demand to be pushed, treasure maps need to be followed, and lost things ought to be found. So when a strange fairy crash lands in Pixie Hollow and leaves Tinker Bell two clues to find a mysterious necklace on the Mainland, she really doesn’t have a choice but to help. However, her journey takes an unexpected turn when she discovers a hidden city of fairies living below the streets of London.

    In this city called Bleakwatch, she’ll meet the Flutterpunks, the most infamous band of trinket scavengers around. Helping her may just give them their biggest score yet. But when the Flutterpunks’ plan goes haywire, they’ll be forced to choose between a big payday or saving their new friend.

    When their adventure takes them inside the glittering Clockwork Capital, Tinker Bell and the Flutterpunks will uncover a villainous secret that threatens all the fairies in Bleakwatch. It turns out there’s more at stake than just finding a missing necklace, and it’ll be up to Tinker Bell to set things right. Luckily, that’s what tinker fairies do best!



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