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Okay, uh... Blinky? Flicker! Flash! Beam...? Uh, Flare? Well, how in the blazing bellows am I supposed to guess if you keep-
Tinker Bell, trying to guess Blaze's name

Blaze is a firefly that debuts in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (film). His light tends to have a green-ish tint to it.

Blaze tough guy

Blaze, telling Tinker Bell that he's a "tough guy"

Blaze is rather brave for a little firefly, and acts tough against anything in his way. He does his best to help Tinker Bell on her adventure however he can. He also has a tendency to take things that aren't his, such as Tinker Bell's mouse cheese, or Fira's sparkles.

According to The World of Fairies, Blaze now spends his time helping out all of the Tinker-Talents, along with Cheese. His glow is especially helpful when Tinkers need light in complicated corners.


In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009), Blaze met Tinker Bell after he fell into her pixie dust balloon on her journey to find the Mirror of Incanta. Although he initially ate all the food he found in the balloon basket, he was helpful to Tink in various ways, such as giving her light to see her map. Afterward, he went back to Pixie Hollow with her, where he presumably still lives.

In the book Tink's Treasure Hunt (2009), Blaze is highlighted at the start of the book. One of the key words of that readers are told to look out for is "firefly," which Blaze represents. He acts the same way that he does in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (book), although everything is simplified to be accessible to new readers.

In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (film) (2010), he appears briefly at the beginning, on the Fairy Camp helping other tinkers, and at the end of the film.

In the book Vidia Takes Charge (2010), Blaze has a minor role. He's present at the fairy camp on the Mainland, and stays behind with Cheese as the rest of the cast heads off to save Tinker Bell. At the end of the story, he attends the picnic with Lizzy and Martin Griffiths. He gives Mr. Griffiths some sugar cubes for his tea.

In Pixie Hollow Online's Case of the Missing Sparkles (2010) play, Blaze was the one that took Fira's sparkles. When he has a talk with Iridessa, she promises to him that she would make sparkles for him herself.

In Pixie Hollow Games (special) (2011), Blaze makes a cameo.