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Hi, Tinker Bell! I don’t think we’ve met! I’m Blair, a painting fairy! I paint pictures and do all sorts of art projects.
— Blair[src]

Blair is an Art-talent fairy who only appears in the Tinker Bell (DS) game. She allows the player to make customized clothing using stamps and berries. She also makes her own custom designs and shows 2 a day, then you can "copy" her design and sport it.


"Painting fairy Blair is one of the most creative fairies in Pixie Hollow. Using all kinds of berry-paint, she is the fairy to see for potraits or murals. She is friendly and easygoing, and is always working on a new art project of some sort. She usually has paint splotches all over her clothes."

Game data[]

Likes: White Feather




  • I hope the picture of your day is shaping up well!
  • You’re welcome in my atelier anytime, Tink!
  • I just love the colors of the sky at sunset!
  • Oh, Tink, you were gone for so long! My paintings just aren’t the same when you’re not around.


  • Sure is warm this afternoon…
  • You can make a pattern look totally different just be changing how it’s placed. Try it different ways!
  • It’s always nice to give something you made to friends. Mariana can gift-wrap it for you at her shop!
  • This accessory you made is just flitterific, Tink! I love it!
  • The bright colors of Spring inspire me…
  • The Summer heat can make berry-paint watery sometimes…
  • It’s a joy to paint all the changing colors of Autumn!
  • I saw a fairy with a white feather in her hair the other day. It was very stylish! (Like hint)


  • Wow, thanks, Tink! This is my favorite! I will treasure it always…

Water Balloon Message[]

  • It’s a masterpiece, Tink!
  • This is dazzling! No wonder all the fairies want one.